2013-2014 Conference Schedule

Gendered Space & Queer Alternatives:

Truman’s Nineteenth Annual WGST Conference
January 30-31, February 1, 2014


Thursday, January 30, SUB Georgian Room


10:30-11:50 Gender and poetry

Joseph Fees, “Gender and Sexuality in Medieval Arabic Poetry”

Zeeshan Reshamwala, “Landays: Accessing Public Discourse through Gendered Private Space”


12:00-1:20 Gender, popular media, and government surveillance

Marie L. F. Walsh, “Lost in Translation: The Presentation of Women in the Dragonball Z Anime—English vs. Japanese”                                                           

Sarah Gaeddert, “Gender Study of Professional Women Video Designers”

Aaron Fine, “Inside the Prism: Paternalism and the Surveillance of the Other”


1:30-2:50 Bodies in motion

Justin Baraboo, “Marcel Duchamp is Rrose is a rose is a rose is a Rrose”

Sara Cantrell, “Body Positive Movement: Reclaiming Your Body”

Greg Ballesteros, “Inner Thoughts on Out Magazine”


3:00-4:20 Gender at school and at home

Katie McClain, “The Separation of Structure and Freedom: A Case Study Approach to Defining the Differences between Academic and Creative Writing for College Freshmen”

Elizabeth Ward, “Do Girls Choose Easier Majors?: A Study of TSU Students’ Perceptions of Gender’s Effect on College Major Choice and Difficulty”

Anna Selle, A Scene from A Nice Night with the Family: A One Act Play


Friday, January 31, SUB Georgian Room

10:30-11:20 Gender and ethnicity

Sarah Bussen, “Jewish Influence on Feminism: the Role of Dual Identities”

Elizabeth Delmonico, “Subaltern Spaces in Missouri: Native Americans in Mary Alicia Owens’ Sacred Council Hills

11:30-12:30 Colonized bodies in Woolf and others

Julia Judlin, “Homosocial and Heterosexual Relationships in Woolf”

Maurine Pfuhl, “’The Infliction of Her Unlovable Body’: A Fat Studies Approach to Doris Kilman”

Hayden Wilsey, “Exploited Colonies”    

1:30-2:20 Constructing masculinity

Benjamin Batzer, “’Take It Like a Man’”: The (Re)Resisting of Masculine Social Constructions by Ambrose Bierce’s Peyton Farquhor”

Melissa Kapitan, “The Name’s Boeve: The Absurd and the Masculine in Boeve de Haumtone

2:30-3:20 Resisting patriarchy                                                       

Lacy Murphy, “The Sabine Women: [R]evolution of Women in Art”

Robert Becker, “’The Old Omelette-and-Egg Thing’: Subverting the Corporate/Political Patriarchy in Arundhati Roy’s The God of Small Things

3:30-4:20 Politics and Anglophile TV

Larry Iles, “The Real Lady Downton Abbey: Gender-Space Defiant Vera Terrington, UK MP 1933-1936, and Her ‘Lost’ Legacy”

McKinley Murphy, “TARDI(Q)S: Time and Relative Dimension in Queer Space”

4:30-5:50 Keynote lecture

     Magali Roy-Fequiere, “Feminism for a New Millenium”

Welcoming remarks by Maria Di Stefano, Interim Vice President for Academic Affairs

Introduction by McKinley Murphy

Saturday, February 1, SUB Georgian Room   


10:30-11:20 Gender and myth

Cara De Bellis, “Medusa Light and Dark: A Feminist and Psychoanalytic View”

Chris Steinauer, “Sympathy for the Devil: Satan as a Queer Alternative to Christian God”


11:30-12:30 International genders/genres

Sarah Glenski, “Living with a Dysfunctional Family: A Young Woman’s Coming of Age in Postwar Spain in Carmen Laforet’s Nada

Elizabeth Salley, “Creating a Third Space: Hijiras and the Cultural Politics of Sexuality in South Asia”

David Giovagnoli, “Genrequeer: Derek Walcott’s Omeros and the Third Space of Cultural Hybridity”

1:30-2:20 Bad words

Alexandra Bisges, “Bitches, Sluts, and Feminazis: Analyzing Homologous Hatred in Female Relationships”

Linda Seidel, “’Whore’: A Rant Against a Word”


2:30-3:20 Gender online

Corinne Schwarz, “’The Angel of the House’ and the Mommy Blogger: Feminine Narratives in New Media”

Erin Hubbard, “Gender and the Physical Body in Alpha/Beta/Omega Fanfiction”

3:30-4:20 Special featured speaker

    Jill Kuanfung, “Climbing the Tree: Unearthing a Mixed Race Family History in Portraits”

Introduction by Linda Seidel

*Art work in the Georgian Room is by the students of Lilly Lee.


                    Steering Committee for the 2014 WGST Conference:


David Giovagnoli
Maurine Pfuhl
McKinley Murphy

The WGST Conference is sponsored by the Office of Interdisciplinary Studies.

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